I have been talking a lot about starting a teaching online business for some time now. I explained the skills and the tech requirements you need. Now I am assuming you have all set, but you are still wondering if this will bring you bread and butter. That’s the whole point you are starting this business, anyway. To get your business paying for your bills, you need to get high paying students.

There is always a secret to doing above what is average in any business. I want to share with you my top 5 secrets to getting high paying students.

how to get a high paying client

1. Highlight your experience to get high paying students

When negotiating for a higher price highlighting your experience helps the student see the value of the information they are getting. It’s just like going to the doctor; a seasoned doctor with more experience is more expensive than one who has just started. You are enjoying the many years of training and practising they have had.

2. Be a Niche teacher

Another important secret behind getting top paying students is to be a niche teacher. This makes you more competitive. You have moved from being a general to being a specialist. If you set yourself as an IELTS coach you have specialised in that specific field therefore your research and skills will benefit immensely students willing to take IELTS. Assuring a student what they will enjoy your special skills will make them a high paying client with no doubt. We perceive specialists to have more skills in their area of specialisation.

According to this chart by April international healthcare the average cost of seeing a specialist is much higher than that of a GP.

specialists charge moreSpecialists charge more

That’s the same with teaching online. Your student has to understand what they are benefiting by taking classes with you. You have developed and so has your teaching style. With this, you will get top paying students.

3. Focus on value rather than price

In this post, I explained why you must become a programme based teacher. I also explained the difference between a general teacher and a niche teacher. Now I also want you to see the greater benefit of being a niche teacher- you are able to charge more. Sometimes, I have had students saying my charges are too high. Oh yes, they are, but it’s only because of the value I am bringing in.

Each time I explain what they will become after taking my lessons, I have realised every student purchases the first package just to get a feel then soon after they purchase the biggest package on offer! Why? Because they realise the lessons provide so much value. If you have your students complaining about your rates, it is because they are focusing on the price rather than value.

“If your students cannot pay more for your service, it is because they are focusing on price rather than value”

Get them to see the value you are offering and they won’t even get to talk about the price. I have learnt to shift to value-based marketing to help my students see the value and not the price. Offer value packages like free after course consultations once a month, homework assignments during the course, downloadable content to help your students learn. In my value packages, I include access to a free podcast to help with intonation skills, free access to short stories and beginner books just to help my student learn the language quickly and easily. Adding value attracts top paying clients.

4. Adjust the parameters of your rates-

Sometimes I have seen there is a need to adjust my pay rate parameters. When you get a client who will take your lessons and their funds fall short of your rates, sometimes it is worth it just to adjust the rate so you get your student on board. You don’t want to be too rigid and lose everyone, but you also don’t want to be too easy and be taken advantage of.

I have often used my gut feeling to adjust my rates with certain students. One criterion I use is if the student wasn’t hesitant to take my lessons and they book a strategy session right away, I “understand” and adjust.

5. Be willing to let go-

This is the toughest thing to do, but you have to learn to. Sometimes students do not understand your value and what they will benefit from you and all they see is the price. In such instances, you need to let them go. Do not take poor rates on the pretext you didn’t want to lose a client. Whenever I have let clients go, I see them as freeloaders. All they want is to get value for free, but it is not possible. Imagine the time you spend customising a course and all the researching you have to do just to give them valuable lessons and they want it for free, no. sometimes you have to let go.

When you connect with your niche you will get top paying clients because they see the value in your services. I often use this as a benchmark to see if my messages resonate well with my service. I also use this as an indicator to see if I am targeting the right people who need my tutoring services.

These are my top 5 secrets to get top paying clients for my teaching courses. This strategy has worked for me and it will work for you too. Lay the foundation for your business and you will enjoy the profits. After securing high paying students for your teaching business, you need to make sure you get paid. Claire of the IELT Academy discusses the various ways to make sure this happens and you secure your business.

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