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Do you want to freelance online but you feel trapped in your brick and mortar job that strangles your time, energy and budget with commuting, work clothes expenses, maybe daycare expenses too?  It’s exhausting and most days you feel defeated. Maybe you can’t deal with a maid anymore- you know your family budget is stretched and your stress level is high.

My name is Melody. I freelance online. I am an online Shona teacher, blogger and an experienced B2B content writer.

I understand you. I was in the exact position 2 years ago. I worked a full-time job in a city 150km away from my family. I had to travel weekly to and from work. It just wasn’t working. Leaving my kids with the maid and the constant travel wearied me out.

I have always longed for a flexible job. One that allows me time with my girls, one that I decide when to work and when not to. I have always wanted to determine my work schedule. It was difficult to find mentorship in that direction.

Establishing a freelance business can be a challenge because there is so much to work on. However, after going through it, I realised it’s worth all the effort. Freelancers possess valuable skills which they can harness into a successful business. You will get a better reward for your skills and earn 4 or 5 figures a month. It is possible.

When I started freelancing online, I discovered so much more than just “a job”. I’ve found I have more skills than I thought I had and that learning fresh things can be fun and rewarding. And most of all — I’ve found I like sharing and helping others find their work at a home dream job. So much so…. it is my job now.

I want to help you start and grow your business now.

Why wait, start now!